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Travel for Humanity

Experience the adventure of a lifetime while volunteering to change the world on one of our projects. If life is made up of countless moments, and all we have is the present moment, let’s make these fleeting moments count. Travel for Humanity gathers global citizens, wanderlusts, socialpreneurs, and socially conscious creators of change who share a passion for travel and sharing their abundance through giving. We curate travel experiences for discerning travellers that evoke emotions, ignite the soul, and engage consciousness. By traveling we learn that all of humanity is the same at the core, therefore we believe that all of humanity deserves the same chance to thrive by having access to education.

Make a Donation

When you make a donation, we make sure that your money is going directly to help those in need. 100% of all donations to Help Heal Humanity go directly into our programs that ensure education, nourishment, and livelihood support to our project recipients. All corporate and personal donations are tax deductible and official receipts can be provided upon request.

Request a Speaker

Our global goodness guru Serena Bufalino is an inspirational and motivated global activist with decades of experience transforming the state of global education. She has presented at corporate events, educational centres, yoga teacher trainings, motivational talks, and news programs. Serena is available for presentations, conferences, school assemblies, charity dinners, and other speaking engagements upon request.

To request Serena for a speaking engagement, contact us today.

Host a Fundraiser

If you want to help spread the world about global education and raise donations for Help Heal Humanity, we are here to help. We can provide you with detailed project information, a charitable number, promotional resources, ideas, and depending on availability, a guest speaker. Some of our favourite fundraiser ideas include:

  • Asking for birthday gifts in donation form
  • Hosting a donation-based yoga class or yoga retreat
  • Host an art sale or gallery showing
  • Set up a Yard Sale/Bake Sale/Craft Sale for the cause
  • Launch donation based Fitness Challenges

To request more information about hosting a fundraiser for Help Heal Humanity or to book our fearless leader Serena Bufalino for a speaking engagement, please contact us today.