Thank you! Your gift has created a rippled effect that will impact generations to come. We are grateful.


All around the world, there are children who are at risk and vulnerable due to many reasons. The 2010 Earthquake in Haiti killed 230,000 people with over one million being displaced and forced to recreate a new life. In many areas like Canaan, where Help Heal Humanity is located, the community is without access to sufficient water, electricity, food and resources. We believe, no child should be without access to education and through your generous gift; together we will be educating those most in need.


Thanks to your sponsorship, children who had no opportunity for education now belong to a community along other students where they have the ability to thrive together. By educating just one child, you are giving this child a gift to advance themselves in the future where they have the chance to become better citizens and positively impact others as you yourself have done.


Your sponsorship is bringing hope to a child to believe in humanity and to know that someone on the other side of the world is thinking about them and caring about their future. We thank you for making this decision to do something that will transform the life of a child for generations to come.



Through your annual sponsorship contribution, money is earmarked to support a child for one school year, to build a relationship with your child and follow their progress. We encourage you to develop a meaningful relationship with your sponsored child. Each one of these children are truly special in their own way and you will be given the great gift of watching them as they develop skills, identify their own gifts and talents and learn how they too can be a contribution to the world.



As a child sponsor, you will receive 2-3 letters a year, that will include an update on how your sponsored child is doing and possibly a small token, such as a picture or drawing from your child and or an updated photo of the child. While it is not mandatory that written letters are expected to the child’s sponsor, we highly encourage them to connect and share with their sponsor. Any type of written communication will likely be written in Creole as this is the official language in Haiti however if you wish to write to your child, you may write in English and we will do our best to translate through our cultural liaison.

Includes tuition for one school year, student uniform, student books and Daily Meal Plan (one hot meal per school day).


This option comes with a welcome package including: 2 photos of your child by Kayla Rocca, a question and answer sheet or drawing by your child, a thank you letter, and a welcome/FAQs sheet.

Includes tuition for one school year, student uniform and student books.


This option comes with a welcome package including: 2 photos of your child by Kayla Rocca, a question and answer sheet or drawing by your child, a thank you letter, and a welcome/FAQs sheet.

Includes Daily Meal Plan (one hot meal per school day)

Includes academic books for one child and backpack with school supplies


How can I update my personal information or extend my sponsorship?

In the case that you would like to extend your yearly sponsorship or change your personal information you may do so by emailing us at: sponsorship@helphealhumanity.org

How do I write to my sponsored child?

As the mail system in Haiti is unreliable – all mail to and from will go between the founder Serena Bufalino or staff as they travel between Canada and Haiti. All letters should be sent to:


Help Heal Humanity
762 Upper James St. Suite #247 Hamilton, Ontario
L9C 3A2


Upon their return, the letters from your sponsored child will be mailed from a Canadian address. Please make sure your contact info is up to date.


Write a letter to your sponsored child as you would any child. It is best to keep your letters simple, short and to the point. You might want to describe where you live, share about your family, your hobbies, interests or how you celebrate special occasions or include photos of where you live and your family. Your sponsored child may come from a different religious, cultural and economic context, so when sending them letters or photos, be sensitive to their culture, society and practices.


Their native language is Haitian Creole, you can use google translate to help you write your letter or add a few phrases. While it may not be an exact translation, the effort will be greatly appreciated by the children.

Can I visit the child I am sponsoring?

Through our volunteer program, you can attend a volunteer trip where you will have the opportunity to not only visit with your sponsored child, you will also get a tour of the facility and school and truly experience Haiti. For more information please contact us at: sponsorship@helphealhumanity.org

Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

Help Heal Humanity advises against sending gifts through regular mail as, sadly, they don’t always arrive at the intended destination. Similarly, your sponsored child shares a school with others and not all of them may receive extra gifts from their sponsors on special occasions like a birthday. Your gift of sponsorship is truly a gift in itself. In the case that sending a gift to your child is important to you, may we suggest a packet of stickers or some other small gift inside a card or letter? Children typically like to personalize their things and it’s something they can share with their classmates.

Where does the money go?

100% of your annual sponsorship contribution goes directly to supporting your child in school. Your sponsorship money helps to maintain, run and develop programming for the school at Help Heal Humanity in Haiti.