We wholeheartedly believe in the basic right to education and learning, regardless of life circumstance or location. Your donations make this possible through school building, resource supply and teacher development.

Through our art auctions, events, fundraisers and educational art programs, we are connecting resources with those in need, creating a space for creative empowerment, and manifesting powerful connections that can and will transform lives around the world.

Yoga means union, and through our international yoga retreats, by-donation yoga workshops and yoga events, we are able to fundraise ample resources to support our mission, while inspiring people around the world with the power of yoga.

Travel for Humanity gathers global citizens, wanderlusts, socialpreneurs, and socially conscious creators of change who share a passion for travel and sharing their abundance through giving. We curate travel experiences for discerning travellers that evoke emotions, ignite the soul, and engage consciousness.

We believe that all humans have the right to food, education, creativity, and wellness

Together, anything and everything is possible


Help Heal Humanity is an internationally registered charity mindfully designed to provide the world’s most at-risk populations with access to education, food, community and love. We build the infrastructure, develop the programming and foster the global connections necessary to support the agency and future of people in our project countries. Through unconditional giving, Help Heal Humanity achieves its mission of empowering, inspiring and loving those in need in a sustainable way.


Haiti Project

To provide accessible education to children worldwide, to inspire big dreams, and to provide the resources to make those dreams come true.